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UMA Membership is the bridge that leads you away from the stagnant status-quo, and towards the lifestyle you're striving to create.

Elevate Your Community

As humans, we need connection, but disconnect strikes hard when your community is limited, lacking or unaligned to your goals and dreams. That's why Drip Ninja emphasizes the value of being able to connect with a diverse community of entrepreneurs and artists that align with your future goals and empower you from day one. 

Experience More of What Life Has to Offer

If the pandemic made one thing clear, it's this: lack of real experiences brings lack of true knowledge. UMA was created to provide people with real, accessible experiences that foster individual growth, community and talent.

UMA: Where Lifestyle and Community Meet

Managed by our community of industry leaders, influencers and experts, Drip Ninja's UMA Membership grants members access to a hybridized pool of resources that provide the connections, opportunities and experiences you need to live abundantly.

How Does UMA Work?

Flagship Membership

UMA is the standard membership for all Drip Ninja members. UMA Membership opens the door for members to add-on industry-specific memberships, like DJ and Visual Artists. 


Lifestyle Perks & Benefits

Drip Ninja partners with new businesses, and adds new perks to the UMA Membership every month. Perks include discounts, rewards, special access and offers. Some of our partnering businesses include: E11EVEN Miami, The 1 Hotel South Beach, Sneak Peek Luxury, Art of Movement Miami and more.


Interactive Community

UMA members can interact with the Drip Ninja community on a variety of digital platforms, such as the Drip Ninja Member Portal, WhatsApp group chat, forums and threads, as well as in-person at scheduled events and meet-ups.

What Does UMA Include?

Member Perks & Benefits

  • Rewards, Offers and Discounts (product drops, retail, dining, nightlife, travel, health & wellness)
  • Priority Invitations to Exclusive Events (admission via guest list, tickets, etc.) 
  • Engage with Curated Group Chats, Panels and Forums (via the Drip Ninja member network)
  • Access to Drip Ninja's Member Portal (member media, community engagement, workshops and more)
  • Access to Drip Ninja's Concierge Services
  • Earn Income via The Drip Ninja Affiliate Program










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