Where Lifestyle and Financial Planning Meet

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Living Life On Your Own Terms

It comes as no surprise that living an exciting lifestyle in the present, while planning for the future is not as easy as it seems for the majority of people. Times have changed, along with social norms, political perspectives and technology. People are more aware than ever, and want to live life on their own terms.

The Uphill Battle

Entrepreneurs, independent contractors, hospitality workers, entertainers, influencers, and artists tend to have the biggest uphill battles in the asset planning space. Living a certain lifestyle and engaging in certain activities is a requirement to maintainWhat you wear, where you eat, what you drive, where you socialize and where you go matters. These things also tend to be costly and there is a fine line when spending on necessity vs. spending irrationally. Now you have to factor in saving, and growing assets with the income that you have. Lack of 401(k)s, corporate benefits, pensions and other retirement matching programs also make this even more difficult. 

Building the Foundation for Financial Growth

Systematic contributions and dollar cost averaging in the financial world traditionally yield the most steady and efficient growth in assets over time. This is when you make a standard recurring payment using your income every month, quarter, or annually regardless of market pricing of the assets you purchase.

SCORPION: Where Lifestyle and Financial Planning Meet

Drip Ninja SCORPION is a program that was designed with all of this in mind. Access, exclusivity, lifestyle, ownership and growth, all rolled up into one dynamic product: a Scorpion Membership.


How Does SCORPION Work?

Premium Membership

SCORPION is not an investment product, or security, it is a membership with certain benefits and rewards. It is not designed to replace your pre-existing investments or be an alternative, but be supplemental. Drip Ninja Scorpion is a premium subscription paid monthly, or annually, and is available to a limited amount of subscribers/members.

Tradeable Asset

Once a Drip Ninja SCORPION membership is fully funded, it is owned by the subscriber and no more annual membership fees are due. Members can sell their memberships back to Drip Ninja, or to other member prospects (with Drip Ninja approval) at the current minimum market value, plus any additional premium the selling member wishes to include.

Lifestyle Perks

Drip Ninja targets activities, events and products that we all love and enjoy. We create partnerships with event producers, service providers, retailers and more, to offer competitive pricing and savings, so you have more income to save.

Interest-Free Borrowing

Drip Ninja allows SCORPION members interest free borrowing against their membership after a minimum percentage of their membership is funded without a requirement of a credit check. If a loan is not paid back (depending on the amount), will simply result in suspension, or forfeiture of a membership.


Disclaimer: Drip Ninja uses the membership subscription fees to invest in various cryptocurrencies to help raise the value of our portfolio which we use to finance our interest free loans, raise and maintain the value of memberships, in addition to producing special events, exclusive gifts, and offers for our members. We do not guarantee any interest, or profits because we are selling a lifestyle membership.

What Does SCORPION Include?

Drip Ninja NFC Enabled Membership Card, Plus:

  • Drip Ninja Preferred Professional Life Planners (real estate, insurance, finance) 
  • Exclusive Event and Travel Invitations 
  • Redeemable Perks and Offers (retail, dining, nightlife, travel, health & wellness)
  • Access to Drip Ninja Member Portal (member media, community engagement, workshops and more)
  • Access to Drip Ninja Concierge Services
  • Access to Drip Ninja Affiliate Program
  • Complimentary Offers and Rewards (Ask us about our partnering businesses)

2021 Market Value

As of August 2021;

A fully-owned SCORPION membership is priced at $14,500. The annual fee is $1,200, with a first year activation fee of $200A SCORPION membership can be paid monthly or annually, and can be paid off at any time. 











Get Started

 Drip Ninja Scorpion is an invitation based membership. Applications are available to Drip Ninja UMA subscribers. Contact us to upgrade your UMA membership to a Scorpion membership. Since memberships are limited, we have to do our due diligence to make sure Scorpion is a proper fit for any subscriber. 

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