Drip Ninja Events & Solutions

In Partnership with Las Vegas-born Event Coordinator, CLV.

Create Immersive Events that Provide Unforgettable Experiences.

Drip Ninja and CLV provide event solutions that maximize profit potential, elevate brand awareness and build value for attendees.


Vision, Creation & Execution

Our Creative Development program and in-house team are experts in producing exceptional events that go beyond the ordinary - including, but not limited to:

  • Talent Booking
  • VIP Hosting
  • Merchandise Manufacturing


Pre & Post-Marketing Strategy

Drip Ninja and CLV combine their unique marketing efforts to maximize the profit potential and longevity of events. Our speciality is:

  • Custom Media (Creative & user-generated content)
  • Digital Marketing Expertise (Increase organic traffic & shareable content)
  • PR Coverage (Event coverage & promotion)


Financing & Operations

Management, Coordination & Budgeting

Our goal: turn your ideas into reality. We carefully plan-out your event and prepare it for success by coordinating:

  • Event Management
  • Event-Series Budgeting
  • Talent Financing 
  • ROI Analysis


Secure Location & Attendees

We make your event come to life by setting you up with the perfect location, community and technical foundation to ensure a seamless and effective event.  

  • Venue Scouting (Nation-wide event connections, specializing in Miami and Las Vegas)
  • Ticketing (Pre-sale options for maximizing attendance & data collection)
  • Point of Sale (Efficient solutions that accept payment on-site) 




Brand Equity

Build Awareness & Exposure

Cut through the noise and put your brand front and center - we make a buzz around your brand and what you're doing, so that conversation about your event spreads like wildfire.

Maximize Profits

Plan-out ROI

Create an event your attendees love and implement initiatives for your ROI. We optimize your budget for your specific needs and strategize ways to drive revenue.

Attendee Value

Develop Deeper Connections

Build your current audience and expand prospective customers - we help you to grow your audience with incentives that value your brand message and offerings.






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