Drip Ninja Dojo Membership

The Dojo Membership is made for venues, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants to promote new offers, get access to local and traveling affluent consumers.

Dojo Benefits

Here are what you receive each month:

  • Increased foot traffic from Drip Ninja members and group tours.
  • A custom landing page for new promotions and inbound leads.
  • Email blasts to Drip Ninja members and partner email lists.
  • Advertisements on local and traveler mediums.
  • User-Generated Content at your establishment by Drip Ninja partners, members, and followers.
  • Access to take advantage of our Drip Ninja Band Program.
  • Event planning and promotions with the Drip Ninja community
Become A Dojo Partner

Drip Ninja x SPL Members Only Access Band

Every campaign period we release a new color that gives members exclusive access to your establishment for events or promotions. 

These promotions both entice our members to attend frequently and create marketing opportunities for their friends, family, and followers that are not members.

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Some Current Dojo Partners

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Drip Ninja operates both a Marketing Agency and Members Club that collaborates with brands to interact with a private network of experts, creators, socialites, athletes, and personalities.

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