Dex Hobbes - New Release
"No Sound Left Behind"

NuDisco | Pop | Rock | HipHop | House


Listen now to " No Sound Left Behind." Hits like Stallone, Sylvester...

"NSLB is a cocktail lounge inspired party mix that goes from a low energy lounge vibe, to an impromptu dance party, that ends as a group nostalgic sing along. This is a showcase of versatility, and ability to create a vibe for anyone in the room. This mix features hiphop, house, nudisco, alternative and classic rock, reggaeton, pop, and rnb. " -Dex Hobbes

Friday Night @ The Sylvester

A low lit lounge in Midtown Miami with a fun upbeat funky sound across the genres and ages. Play pool with new and old friends, sip on a cocktail with a date by the pinball machine, dip and twirl on the dance floor, or sing along to classics with your bartender. The Sylvester bar screams " Take me home tonight." Music curated and played by Dex Hobbes.









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Did you like some of the songs from "No Sound Left Behind" ? Listen to select songs from the playlist by Dex Hobbes, inspired by a night spent at The Sylvester in Miami.

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