Miami | The Drip Ninja Club Is Looking To Create Six Figure Sales Reps

career drip ninja club membership advisors Jul 08, 2022

The Drip Ninja Club is growing. We are building a community of members through the tactics of agency. The goal is to build culture and knowledge. Currently, we are looking to share our vision of a community portal or engine that can be the glue for someone's lifestyle and income. 

Drip Ninja member advisors run their own Drip Ninja membership practice which allows them to become their own individual business owner within the brand. While building a team our advisors work with the mother agency to develop the brand, products, and experience. Top reps will be rewarded with trips, gifts, cash incentives, and much more. 

The Drip Ninja Club offers a recurring membership and access to a portal of opportunities, education, concierges, advisors, lifestyle activities, and directories. There are many different career paths that a member advisor can take, which include sales, corporate development, corporate management, internal consulting, human resources, product development, and more. 

The member advisor opportunity is available to active Drip Ninja UMA membership holders. To learn more about Drip Ninja Uma view our memberships page HERE