DNC begins to develop a new relationship with the Nautilus by Arlo

clubhouses member meetup roxanne's night out Jul 26, 2022

The Drip Ninja Club and The Nautilus By Arlo have come together to create a new partnership. The collaboration will fall under the Drip Ninja Club's "Clubhouses" label. Clubhouses are partner venues where members can meet, vibe, relax, and socialize. Clubhouse hours will vary and will incorporate more multi use properties. Miami Beach hotels are great because they have suites, pools, fitness areas, food & beverage, corporate meeting spaces, and even beach access. This allows the Drip Ninja Club the ability curate multiple types of experiences for its members and introduce fun ways for brand partners to activate. 

The first of many will be a three (3) month series that is every two Tuesdays, "Roxanne's Night Out". The early evening mixer will take place from 7-11pm featuring craft cocktails, and nostalgic pop culture hits in the Nautilus lobby bar. As the series nears its end, it will transition from the lobby bar to the pool as the seasons change.