Every other Tuesday night, attractive singles love Roxanne's Night Out

dating singles tuesday nights Aug 03, 2022

One thing is for sure dating is complex. Different stages of the game present different challenges for those playing the field. For some its getting to the second or third date, and for others its meeting people and that initial icebreaker. At Drip Ninja we cant guarantee what you are going to say will impress the ladies, and gents but we can put you in a room full of fun, successful people. We can even provide cool experiences for you and your new friends to participate in. 

The night is called Roxanne's Night Out because who sounds more fun to have a night out with than "Roxanne"? You can order many great cocktails, various food items ( if you want to snack or even if you are hungry), plus the music is just right. Open format tunes and hits from across the eras is what you can expect to hear every other Tuesday. So check it out.