Drip Ninja Introduces Drip Ninja DJs & Open Format Ambassadors

ambassadors djs dnc drip ninja club open format Jun 30, 2022

There are so many DJs, so many genres, and even more opinions. Music lovers come together just as much as they battle. Clubs compete for bookings, promoters compete for crowds, and DJs compete for time slots in the midst of it all. There are so many ways to align yourself in the industry. Do you start a relationship with a higher up within a venue? Do you play to the ear of a promoter and their needy table clients? 

There are house and techno DJs, there are HipHop DJs, there are even Soulection DJs, which is a DJ who plays mostly RnB and Soulful tracks that give the energy of toxic relationships and exes for hours at a time. Then there are the open format DJs. The ones who play it all in one set. HipHop, house, latin, pop, rock, and much more. Those who read a room and make stereotypical judgment based on what they see and hope the sound they create matches the assumption. If it does not, it is all about switching genres and artist as fast as possible, and finding that groove.

How do you keep the group of guys rocking chains and bust down watches, looking to impress the off duty strippers they brought to the club, just as happy as the bachelorette party from Michigan where 3 of the girls already have their shoes off? Open format...

The open format DJ is meant for the diverse crowd filled with multiple cultures, people who don various types of fashions, and have different styles of partying along with perception of what is a good time. Maybe its partying with 6 of your girls and creating an alliance against every man who approaches you, or it may be getting so drunk that you are either carried or escorted out of the venue.

Personally playing the bar with one or two other people ( a potential love interest or another DJ preferably ), listening to every song and transition and comparing my reaction the crowds."Does the DJ talk too much? Is he using the bombs, lasers, and airhorns over every transition because he or she is too lazy to beat match, or may not know how?"

How does a DJ play an entire set with a hookah in one hand? How does a room with 300 people feel about spending money listening to a DJ with bad transitioning and terrible song choice because he or she promised the ownership that they could bring people and a few paying tables?

So many questions, so many answers. Here is the big one, what is Drip Ninja and what is Drip Ninja DJs?

Drip Ninja DJs is a resource engine and program for open format DJs that are based in the South Florida market. A non-exclusive collective of ambassadors that assists in advancing the open format culture. The platform provides multiple resources for the DJs and their management teams including marketing, bookings, media, library support, sponsorships, and more. Drip Ninja DJs tend to be very creative when mixing, and have very uniquely crafted playlists across genres. All Drip Ninja DJs are included in FM Radio rotation covering all areas between Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida. 

The current ambassadors include DJs Iron Lyon, Wonder, Affect, Chizzle, Los Dela Vega, AP, and Drip Ninja Dex.

Drip Ninja DJs is currently open to 20 DJs and is by invitation only. To learn more about the program and collective CLICK HERE