A Reminder Maluma Chose Mandrake For His Video For Good Reason

j quiles latin maluma mandrake music video Jul 01, 2022

By now if you know, you know. Mandrake on South Beach has some of the most incredible decor for a restaurant in Miami. The Asian inspired theme with vibrant neons, and dim red glow is a vibe. The details in the lighting and decor, radiates a sexy vibe. Why do you think Latin superstars Maluma, Lenny Tavarez, and Justin Quiles filmed the Parce music video at this location?

The song Parce tells a story of lust, living your one life, and the many complications in emotions, in the South Beach dining hotspot. Despite the video having been released in 2020, not much has changed. The aesthetic of Mandrake is amazing. If you were not fortunate enough to visit Mandrake prior to the covid closing, you now have your shot. Asian fusion themed restaurant is running with with a new energy, and life.

The restaurant, and set of Maluma's hit record is now open again Wednesday through Saturday for diner service. So you can now dine were Maluma told his twisted love tale. 

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