Manifest | A Few Quick Tips To Help You Create & Achieve Your Vision

coaching goals help insight knowledge success vision Jul 06, 2022

At its core Drip Ninja was meant to educate. Coaching, and sharing knowledge on how to be successful was always the goal. He or she who has no vision has no future, and without a future, he or she will always revert to the past. Drip Ninja is about vision. We are building a community of people with a vision. However, sometimes it is harder for some to come up with that vision than others. 

So how do we come up with a vision? With knowledge and exposure, insight, tips, and tricks. As you begin to witness new things, begin to identify your options. Imagine yourself in different scenarios, and pretend. Act it out. How would you speak to someone? What would you do? How would you react? Create scenarios in your head, in your mind, and put yourself there. Talk about your vision. Research your vision. Randomly google little elements from your vision. Piece it together. Seek out those in the shoes you want to be in, and ask questions.

Do not be intimidated by the planning phase. Create a plan. Even if it is simple. Start the outline. It could be a few bullets, make sure you understand the steps.

The more you understand and the less you fear creates an innate ability to problem-solve. Problem-solving allows you to eliminate the obstacles that stand in the way of you carrying out the steps in your vision. 

"Work smarter, not harder" is a decent saying, however "Work smarter, and just as hard"  is even better. The first thing you have to do is gain control. Gain control over yourself by all means. Don't give it up. Understand everything in your life you are the final judge. Not your boss, not your landlord, but you.

Politely express that you work off of respect. Understand your limits, and do not allow yourself to be disrespected. Teach yourself new things daily, and work on your memory. The more you remember, the more you can recall. Half of intelligence is remembering the right thing. 

Share your vision, and keep it in your subconscious. Never underestimate the power of your subconscious. Train it, program it. As you lay down every night walk through the steps of your vision in your mind as you fall asleep. Let your subconscious do the work. It will begin to direct you and influence your behavior. It will keep you on track.

Stay well-rested. The brain and body are machines. Just like your phone that needs a charge, your car needs gas, the body needs to be refreshed.

Solitude is a gift. Bask in it every chance you get. Think without limits. Allow yourself the opportunity to let your thoughts and your vision manifest. You do not always need to be around people, you don't always need to be connected. Take yourself offline sometimes. It can be for a few hours, it can be for a few days. Downtime is good time. Use it to your advantage. 

Take a small step in the direction of your vision every day. It adds up. When a year goes by you can say you are 365 steps in. Why stop now? You are committed.