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Media Expertise

Our ninjas are masters in the art of media. From photography to video, to audio and streaming, even broadcasting and gaming, we have an unparalleled approach in creating a diverse variety of content that artistically strikes the viewer, embodies your brand and speaks to the mass - LOUD.

Strategic Marketing 

The ninja priority is the people, because successful brands put people before branding. Our expertise is in our ability to create authentic social media platforms, creative event planning, PR and blogs, as well as data and analytic analysis, email campaigns and ad management. It's what we do - RELATE AND CREATE.

Business Consulting

We provide 'in-the-know' advice, skilled analysis and customer-focused solutions for Miami businesses. Our ninjas specialize in elevating brand vision and value, as well as strategizing unique methods for growth, including sponsorship and recruitment opportunities to leverage your platform and perform - BIG.

Brands Our Team Has Worked With

Alyx Ander

"I contacted Drip Ninja with the hope that they can conceptualize and create a dynamic presentation and marketing material for a particular client. Not only were they amazingly professional and timely, the work was outstanding, and really elevated the meeting. I would not only highly recommend them, but look forward to doing more business together in the future."



Creative Imagery That Tells a Story for Your Brand

Our team facilitates this by using the proper supporting channel that best delivers that message. This includes websites, decks and presentations, ads, posters, cover art, articles and much more. If you are trying to grab the attention of consumers, or wow investors, our design team has what it takes to get you the best visual representation for your intended budget.




Quality Video Production Ready for Mass Consumption

Our ninjas shoot and produce videos from small to large. We are experienced in capturing short films, documentaries, music videos, sizzle re-caps, reality and more. We have access to, alongside knowledge of the best equipment and techniques.




Strategic Campaigns That Convert

Let us build your next campaign. We help uncover and increase our members’ value. Our Ninjas fine tune the presentation of your brand and focus on the big picture deals. Using fact finding and prospecting techniques from the longest standing, multi-billion dollar companies, we employ the best practices to get the job done right.

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Events, Atmosphere And Revenue Strategy

Drip Ninja uses it extensive roster of talent to produce events, design venue atmosphere, and program talent. Using a combination of media, marketing, and local promotional strategies we help operate and manage your hospitality brand. To learn more about events and programing please click here

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