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UMA members get 20% recurring CASH payment for every new member they refer.

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The Rundown

The Drip Ninja Affiliate Program is a members-only portal that provides income and rewards to existing members. Drip Ninja Affiliates earn significant cash profit and rewards by referring new membership sign-ups. All Drip Ninja members are eligible to sign-up to be an Affiliate at no cost. Read below to learn how Drip Ninja Affiliates can financially benefit.

Earn Monthly Income

Drip Ninja Affiliates earn a 20% RECURRING CASH PAYMENT for every new member that signs up under their referral. For as long as the referred member keeps their Drip Ninja membership, Affiliates will keep receiving 20% of the new member’s monthly membership fees. Read below to learn how Drip Ninja rewards you.

Get Rewards & Bonuses

Aside from earning a monthly income, the Drip Ninja Affiliate Program takes it even further by providing special bonuses to the top-performing Affiliate, such as cash rewards, gift cards, free flights and more. At the end of every month, we contact the top-performing Affiliate and offer them a variety of rewards to choose from. Read below to see how you can make your UMA membership free.

Make Your UMA Membership FREE

Its simple: Get 5 new members to sign-up under your referral and your UMA membership is officially FREE. That means you get all the Drip Ninja lifestyle perks and benefits, event hookups and member resources at no additional cost to you. Read below to see how you can get involved.

Become a Drip Ninja Affiliate

If you’re passionate, driven and like being part of a creative and entrepreneurial community, the Drip Ninja Affiliate Program is for you. By promoting Drip Ninja membership sales on a regular basis, Affiliates can generate up to thousands of dollars per month. Don’t wait - start earning the profits you need to elevate your career and lifestyle!

How to Become a Drip Ninja Affiliate:

Step 1:

Become an UMA Member

To join the Drip Ninja Affiliate Program, you must first become an UMA Member. To become an UMA member, click here.


Step 2:

Create an Affiliate Account

Zero cost or commitment. You work on your own terms. The Affiliate sign-up form can be accessed on the member portal.


Step 3:

Log into the Affiliate Portal

Here you can find your unique URL's to share with prospective members. For UMA membership, use your UMA URL, for Agency membership, use your UMA+Agency URL.


Step 4:

Get Compensated

For each new member that signs up under your referral URL, you will be compensated within 24 hours via PayPal.










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