Sensei Membership Program

Our Sensei program is for brands and dedicated individuals to dive deep into developing their brand or utilizing our resources and members for interactive campaigns for mass exposure.

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Learning Center

Coming soon our dashboard will have classes and seminars with experts to collaborate with.

Niche Whatsapp Groups

We use WhatsApp Groups to collaborate and showcase content, campaigns and opportunities.

Direct Response Marketing

Our campaigns incentivize on location purchases and online interactions for consumers.

Drip Ninja Design Studio

Our in-house team and members are talented and influential designers, content creators, and marketers. Sensei members receive competitive pricing with access to our network. 

Branded Campaigns and Gifting

Drip Ninjas creates custom campaigns, activations and unboxing experiences with our members, strategic partners, and influencer network. 

Member Collaborations

Our member's lookout for opportunities to collaborate with our Sensei members to amplify campaigns and support their fellow member.

Account Managers

We appoint dedicated account managers to monitor and amplify the success of each Sensei member.

Join Drip Ninja

Drip Ninja operates both a Marketing Agency and Members Club that collaborates with brands to interact with a private network of experts, creators, socialites, athletes, and personalities.

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